I’m Ania aka Augustynka

21yo based in Warsaw.

Since ever Im bound up with art, even though

no-one in my family is actually an artist.

So no-one know how it started in my life,

but it did really early.

I cut. I give new life to pictures.

I make different points of view.

When I see a picture that interests me

I jus have to make it my way.

Collages are my biggest love.

I got no power to resist them.


I paint and I illustrate.

I’m multidisciplinary creator.

I’m an observator.

Im fascinated by behavior of others.

Trabeling got me to know other cultures.

Definitely that’s the part of my life which

I will never abandon.

Connecting art and modeling gave me huge perspective

of fashion industry, which

I wanna develop more and more.

My life rule is: don’t postpone anything.

Act like tomorrow will never happen again.

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